God of War udviklere ønsker forbløffende visuelle effekter i kommende PS4 spil

Sony Santa Monica søger i en jobannonce efter ”forbløffende visuelle effekter” til et nyt PS4 spil – Men er det God of War 4?


God of War

Udvikleren bag God of War serien har offentliggjort en ny jobannonce som indikerer at deres næste projekt vil hæve den visuelle bar for PlayStation 4 spil.

Ifølge Sony Santa Monica’s jobannonce så søger de nemlig efter en Senior Effects Artist, der vil tilslutte sig God of War udviklingsholdet – og antyder hermed det fjerde spil i den succesfulde serie,
et spil hvis udvikling allerede er blevet bekræftet.

I kan se hele jobannoncen herunder, og i mellemtiden kan vi se frem til God of War III remastered der vil udkomme denne sommer, nærmere bestemt den 14. juli, til PlayStation 4 og indeholde ny photo mode og forbedrede visuelle effekter.



“Come join the award-winning God of War development team!  Sony Santa Monica Studio is looking for a senior FX artist to create jaw dropping visuals that set the bar for the PS4.  This individual will work side by side our art and tech teams to create FX that enhance gameplay, help set the mood and feel of unique environments, and bring visceral epic experiences to our players.  As a senior FX artist, you must possess the ability to effectively collaborate with the art and creative directors to create FX that are stunning while also working with other development team members to ensure technical feasibility. Help us create amazing top of class games that will set the PS4 apart from the rest.


  • Content creation of visual FX across all areas of the game ranging from natural environmental FX, FX to punctuate game action, to FX for characters and their interaction with elements in the game world
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the FX art production pipelines, tools and systems associated with the creation of FX assets.
  • Work closely with the Art and Game Directors to deliver their vision of the FX as they pertain to the game pillars.
  • Maintain a strong knowledge of the games design to support communication and allow better participation in discussions.
  • Creation of FX and shader libraries
  • Resolve an assortment of complex artistic/FX development issues for both other FX artists as well as other team members.
  • Actively develops improves skill set and abilities by keeping aware of industry trends and techniques, evaluating competitive products, learning new software packages and traditional art methods.
  • Possess strong time management and prioritization skills. This entails collaborating with the Production group to develop task lists to ensure assignments are progressing as expected according to schedules, milestones and overall project goals.”

Om Kim Freiler

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