AirMech Arena announced for PlayStation 4

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Ubisoft and Carbon Games has announced that it is preparing AirMech Arena for PlayStation 4.
There will be a free-to-play title.

With AirMech Arena takes players in control of transformer weapons, known as AirMechs, to protect their bases and capturing enemy forts. Players can pick up to nine available AirMechs, all with their own unique skills and command them to emit defense forces from the air or change for terrestrial defense and take the fight to the enemy in front line.

When playing the game, you collect experience, that makes you earn Kudos, so the more experience, the more Kudos. Kudos is the game's in-game currency, which can be used to unlock upgrades, new units and pilots. In addition, you can also change its AirMechs appearance by buying exclusive skins.

With AirMechs Arena can both play alone or in coop with a total of four players online. If you play coop, so is the collaboration is all important, as all four players are interdependent and each player must keep track of their resources and protect their bases, all the while trying to capture enemy fortresses.

There are not yet set a release date for AirMech Arena, but it should be just around the corner, when it scheduled to be released in the spring.

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